CPV G-Series Valves

CPV G-Series Valves

CPV G Series & Mark VIII Stainless Steel Shutoff & Regulating Valves

These CPV G Series & Mark VIII valves offer extremely reliable service in gas panel applications which experience a wide fluctuation from extreme vacuum to high pressure operating conditions.

All CPV G Series & Mark VIII Stainless Steel Valves use CPV’s soft-seated valve design.The positive flow control of these valves aboard U.S. Navy nuclear submarines has proven reliable for more than three decades.  Chemical process piping and mixed gas diving systems have experienced the same trouble-free operation.  Engineers designing instrumentation and process systems where bubble tight operation is required to 3000 psi can specify CPV G Series & Mark VIII Valves with complete confidence.

The CPV G Series & Mark VIII valve bodies are forged stainless steel, and all wetted surfaces are of 316 stainless steel.  Valve threads are above the stem seal to facilitate external lubrication without internal fluid contamination. When ordered with O-SEAL flat-faced O-ring union end connections, the valve offers convenient “slip in, slip out” operation; no need to spring or cut a line to add a new valve.

CPV G Series & Mark VIII Stainless Steel valves are offered in two orifice sizes (1/8” or 5/8”) and can be ordered with up to four different seal materials in either angle or globe body styles.  Moreover, NPT, SAE and direct weld/braze socket end connections are also available.

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