Burkert 8226

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Burkert 8226 Digital Inductive Conductivity Transmitter

Burkert 8226 Digital Inductive Conductivity Transmitter

  • The 8226 conductivity transmitter combines a conductivity sensor and an electronic module with a display in an IP65 enclosure.
  • The sensor component consists of a pair of magnetic coils in a PP, PVDF or PEEK housing.
  • The cell constant is an average value over the whole measuring range. It can be re-adjusted depending on application.
  • The integrated temperature sensor for automatic compensation is a standard feature in the conductivity sensor housing.
  • The transducer component converts the measured signal and displays the actual value.
  • The conductivity transmitter can be installed into pipe by using INSERTION fitting Type S020 available in stainless steel, brass or plastics.

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