Working With Flow Meters


As the name implies, flow meters indicate liquid flow rate when connected to fluid systems. They can be easily mounted in application areas to precisely indicate the flow rate. These units are imperative and are widely used as measuring liquid flow is a critical requirement of several industrial plants.

However, when working with flow meters, you must consider four important things. Let us understand these in this blog.

Get the Best Out of Flow Meters with Comprehensive Product Knowledge

When working with flow meters, you must consider the four important things mentioned below.

  • Meter Reading – How to read a meter? The question is highly relevant as many users go wrong here. Flow meters are available in various makes and models with wide varieties of display designs. Determine what the meter is recording. Read user manual and understand the right way of reading the values displayed in the meter.
  • Initial Calibration – Whichever model you choose, your flow meter needs an initial calibration, which must be done by a qualified personnel. The unit must be calibrated according to the operating conditions. Calibration determines how well the flow meter fits the application.
  • Safety in Hazardous Areas – You may need to install flow meters near other electrical equipment’s like relays, transformers, motors, and generators. This close contact with other electronic products leads in creating stray magnetic fields and other interference. This pose several safety issues. Hence, you must assess your application environment, and choose the right model that can immune all such interference.
  • Maintenance – Be it any model, flow meters require some kind of maintenance to prevent failure and avoid expensive repairs. However, flow meters with moving parts require frequent maintenance, especially if they are in contact with water containing sediments. Inspect for wear and tear and clean their parts regularly to prevent corrosion and fouling.

Although, flow meters are built to last with several safety features, they must be operated in accordance with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Follow installation, calibration, operation, maintenance and serving recommendations as it is. This guarantees proper functioning of flow meters without any safety, performance, durability, and efficiency issues.

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