How to Select the Right Pressure Sensor?

A variety of sensors and controllers are used in industries to measure and control gases and liquids. Pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure of gases or liquids within an application. Pressure sensors or pressure transmitters are further classified into barometric, flow, and level sensors. The industrial pressure sensors are used to measure different kinds of pressure like atmospheric, internal, intake manifold, etc.

Steps to Selecting the Right Pressure Sensor

Choosing the right pressure sensor is critical to the proper functioning of your application. Irrespective of the type of pressure sensor needed or the application, here are a few tips that should help you in selecting the correct pressure sensor for your application

  1. Determine the Output

Deciding on the output is important. You will have to decide between analog, digital, and wireless output. If choosing the analog output, decide between low and high voltage output.

  1. Product Design

Take some time to decide on the other design and output details like the fitting, casing material, weight, capacity, bust pressure, cable termination, and other details.

  1. Chalk Out a Budget

When making a purchase for any instruments that need to be integrated with other processes, make sure that the price of even the smallest component fits into your budget. The variety of options available will allow you to find the right product within your price range.

  1. Choose a Manufacturer or Supplier

Once you have a fair idea about your product design and budget, it is time to find a manufacturer who has the capability of delivering. Speak to your manufacturer and discuss all your needs. A seasoned supplier or manufacturer will be able to accommodate all your product requirements. He will also be able to provide a realistic idea of the budget and timeline.

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These pointers are provided as guidelines to help you make a decision. These factors would change depending on your application and other requirements.