Rely on Rosedale Filters to meet Industrial Filtration Requirements

Rosedale understands the ever-changing needs of industrial organizations. That is why the company takes immense efforts to design and manufacture products that will meet the strength, durability, and flexibility requirements of customers.

In the industry of liquid bag filters and strainer housings, Rosedale Filters is the first name on the list. A range of units are provided to meet industrial needs including single, multi basket, cartridge, duplex, and multi-plex units. Housings are offered in bag filters, basket strainers, and cartridge filters in various shapes and sizes.

Features of Rosedale Filters

Rosedale has the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide standard and custom features in their filters:

  • Low profile legs for multiple units and adjustable height legs for single units
  • Dual staging and filtering
  • Standard and customized vents
  • Drains for easy contaminant removal
  • Precision designed gage ports

Rosedale filters can also be provided with a number of optimal features. We can provide options such as low pressure drops, heat jacketing, customized inlets and outlets, ASME Code stamp, and liquid displacers for minimal product loss, to name a few. Pipe sizes for in-line separators are available between 3/8″ and 6″. We also offer special alloy materials for housings and custom materials for the filter bags, giving the client immense choices when designing the filters.

in line seperators rosedale filters

To order the best product, you need to work with the best supplier in the business. Industrial Dynamics, Inc. is the leading Rosedale filter distributors in the US market today. At Industrial Dynamics, we offer single and multi-basket housings in a range of flow capacities with immense contaminant capturing capabilities. Our filters comprise few or no moving parts, are easy to clean, and provide exceptional corrosion resistance.

Rosedale filters can help your organization to eliminate downtime, optimize manufacturing performance, and increase overall production.