Precise Flow Measurement in Refineries Using Positive Displacement Flow Meter


Extreme temperatures, presence of highly viscous and abrasive liquids, and high application pressures characterize a refinery environment. Since the operational conditions in refineries are very demanding, it is crucial to use robust, accurate, and versatile solutions to execute even a simple application. This is relevant in the case of flow measurement equipment as well.

Positive Displacement Flow Meter Equipment

Among the several liquid measurement products available, positive displacement flow meter units are widely chosen due to their ability to provide precise, and repeatable flow measurements. This equipment features proven rugged design, making it suitable for safe and efficient refinery operations.

What Makes Positive Displacement Equipment Ideal for Flow Measurement in Refineries

Positive displacement flow measurement units exhibit several advanced features, making them a reliable choice for flow measurements in refineries.

Some of the features/advantages of the equipment include:

  • It provides superior measurement stability
  • It ensures low pressure drop
  • Offers highly accurate flow measurement over a wide flow range
  • The equipment is ideal for measuring pulsating or steady state flows
  • It measures all hydrocarbon based liquids with high measuring dynamics
  • Low operating costs
  • No risk of leakages
  • It provides trouble-free and highly functional operation even at extreme temperatures – up to 400 °C
  • It provides repeatable, and direct mass flow measurement even at extremely low flow rates. This eliminates problems of volume measurement
  • It offers superior measurement performance even under entrained gas conditions
  • It contains certified transmitters and transducers for operation in potentially volatile and unsafe industrial areas

Efficient Functionality Under Extreme Conditions

Various kinds of flow measurement technologies and systems are imperative in executing daily operations in refineries. These instruments are constantly exposed to adverse process environments, extreme temperatures and pressures, volatile and corrosive liquids. Taking these adverse conditions into consideration, positive displacement flow measurement systems are designed wisely and manufactured ruggedly incorporating latest features. They are manufactured latest sensor and housing technology to provide accurate flow measurement in refineries. Also, they are equipped with a mechanical register and mechanical auto stop valve, and optional explosion proof pump interlock switch.

Since the quality of a product determines its operational excellence in an application, it is important to choose the best quality product from an industry known manufacturer. To know about one such manufacturer who is an expert in flow measurement unit sales, log on to

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