Neptune Flow Meters Features

Are you looking for an efficient yet low cost flow measurement system? Does your industrial application require flow meters that can provide a range of solutions? Then Neptune flow meters are the products to look out for.

One of the best market products in the category of positive displacement flow meters, the Neptune NexGen SFT200 mass flow transmitter is the latest solution in coriolis flow measurement.

Flow Measurement Solutions with Neptune NexGen SFT200 Mass Flow Transmitter

The NexGen SFT200 has the capability to immensely reduce the cost of flow metering systems. The reason for this is that the Modbus protocol is used as central processor to handle multiple meters at the same time. All basic functions such as measuring total mass temperature, density, determining flow rates are controlled by the transmitter.

Neptune Flow Meters

The MP flow meters can provide accurate measurements between +0.5% over a 10:1 turndown. The Modbus protocol operates at standard speeds of 56.6 K baud. Oscillating pistons within the neptune flow meters can resist high temperatures between 121°C and 250oF. Configurations for various applications can be performed by using a computer. Optical interface devices can also be used to measure calculations such as overall oil and water measurements, batch control, and volumetric flow rates.

The compact size, speed, and efficiency of the Neptune NexGen SFT200 Mass Flow Transmitter have made it a popular product among a variety of industries. You will find a number of neptune flow meters distributors in the market. A leading distributor for Neptune flow meters is Industrial Dynamics, Inc.

Industrial Dynamics, Inc. offers a range of Neptune’s positive displacement flow meter products. We have the capability to meet any type of flow measurement requirement. We can provide Neptune flow meters for positive displacement flow meter applications, a specialized coriolis meter application, or even a combination of both.

At Industrial Dynamics, Inc. we work with you to provide the right type of solution for your application requirements.