What are the Major Applications of a Positive Displacement Flow Meter?

Positive displacement flow meters are essentially apt for measuring volumetric flow rate of the liquid or gas that helps in mechanical displacement of components that are present inside the meters. Known for their highly precise results and high turndown, these flow meters are ideal for viscous fluids.

Structure and working mechanism of a positive displacement flow meter:

This type of flow meter consists of a chamber that serves as an obstacle to the flow of liquid or gaseous media. It also controls the rotation or reciprocation mechanism allowing positive displacement of only fixed volume quantity. Volume of the medial is determined by applying apt pressure and compensating the temperature appropriately.

Positive displacement flow meters types: sensor-only systems or transducer systems.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Applications of positive displacement flow meters:

Positive displacement flow meters are used in:

  • Measuring volumetric flow of liquids/ fluids in pipes
  • Chemical industries to accurately estimate the flow of viscous fluids and various chemicals, hydrocarbons, and cryogenic liquids
  • Measuring individual flow of liquids in a two component mixer
  • Volumetric flow determination of petrochemicals, paints, and dyes
  • Utilities monitoring, portable and fresh water pump monitoring, volumetric measurement of flowing river water, etc.
  • Measuring fuel usage in diesel powered boilers
  • Measurement of various chemicals for making batches in pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Accurately measuring fluids in containers in the food, beverages, and tobacco industry

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