Industrial Wastewater Flow Measurement


Flow measurement is an important aspect in waste water treatment plants. Besides maintaining water GHG emissions, flow measurement products ensure clean and safe disposal of waste water.

There is a wide gamut of liquid flow metering products available designed for a diverse range of metering applications.

The Two Most Commonly Used Flow Measurement Products in Waste Water Treatment Plants
Electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters are popularly used to ensure precision flow measurement of wastewater streams. They are designed intelligently and constructed toughly to meet demanding applications in waste-water treatment plants.

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meters – When compared to other flow measurement products in the market, electromagnetic flow meters offer enhanced accuracy and repeatability. They do not face problems such as abrasion as they are engineered with no moving parts. These flow measurement products provide years of reliable service even without regular maintenance. Moreover, they can efficiently handle high velocity flows and are unaffected by solids in the flow stream. Several models of electromagnetic flow measurement meters are designed for underground operations. This avoids the construction of costly chambers for installation.
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters – Ideal to be installed in large enclosed pipes, these flow measurement products come with proven design and superior durability. They ensure quick and accurate flow measurement, despite the velocity of the fluid. Like electromagnetic flow meters, they are manufactured with simple design with no moving parts. Hence, this results in minimal wear and tear, and less maintenance. Made in compliance with international quality procedures, the product provides accurate measurement to keep the activities of wastewater treatment to the highest level.

Both these flow metering products help in:

  • Accurate billing and precision monitoring of water consumption
  • Accurate detection of leakage
  • Precision network load monitoring
  • Optimization of water usage
  • Monitoring influent water quantity to wastewater treatment plant
  • Monitoring discharge quantity from the wastewater treatment plant

Electromagnetic flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters are available in several models to be compatible with conditions in the chemical, petrochemical and oil refinery plants. Also, they can be customized to meet industry specific application requirements of customers. Since there are various models available, it is recommended to understand the application requirements and select the one with appropriate features.

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