Industrial Dynamics – Rosedale Products Distributors

Rosedale products are renowned for their high performance in liquid filtration systems. They have been found to be extremely useful in variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, marine, and food industries, to name a few. Many distributors stock Rosedale products and sell them at competitive prices.

Industrial Dynamics is one of the leading distributors of Rosedale products in America. The company offers a range of liquid filtration systems, flow measurement devices, switches, control valves, and transmitters, among others. The company prides itself on providing complete systems to clients, including applications such as:

  • Product batching
  • Level control
  • Blending
  • Dispensing

The Rosedale products offered by Industrial Dynamics are:

  • Single basket filter bags and strainer basket housing
  • Multi basket filter bags and strainer basket housingIn–
  • line separators

single basket housing

1)  Single Basket Housing:

Comprising carbon steel, stainless steel, or plastic construction, the single basket housing comes with a standard filter bag. Large internal heavy duty baskets are easy to clean. The housing is equipped with sure seal covers. Liquid displacers are optional to minimize product loss during basket or bag removal. For better performance, there is an option to add dual stage strainers or filters.

Multi basket housing

2) Multi Basket Housing:

These can provide high flow capacities and have immense containment capabilities .The baskets are made from carbon steel, are 30 inches deep and perforated. The number of baskets can range between 2 and 24. Each basket can be opened without tools. There are separate connections for vents, gauges, and drains. With a pressure rating of 150 psi, the amount of pressure within the housing is low.

in line seperators

3) In-line Separators

These are essentially pre-filters designed for flow of 6 gpm and retention ratings of 50 microns. They separate solid elements such as sand, fines, grit, metal chips from the liquid. This is a great tool to help extend the life of the filtration systems. The internal housing is electro-polished to reduce adhesion of dirt. They are easy to clean and require little maintenance.

All three Rosedale products are ASME Stamped. You can find out more about these and other products by visiting