Industrial Dynamics: A Trusted Name in Distributing Rosedale Filters in USA

When it comes to the selection and purchase of liquid bag filters and strainer housing, rosedale filters stands out at the best for its varied functional applications and industrial usages. However, when it comes to distributing the brand’s products to clients and customers all over America, nothing beats Industrial Dynamics.

The Happy Alliance Between Rosedale and Industrial Dynamics

Being one of the leading distributers of rosedale products and filters in USA, we assure to offer authentic units, which are tested and inspected by the manufacturers before making them available in the market.  As one of the most renowned manufacturers of liquid bag filters and strainer housings, Rosedale Filters offers the best quality products for various industrial, domestic and commercial usages. Industrial Dynamics is serving as a reliable distributor of these products, which are bought directly by multiple industries.

Different units in the form of single, multi basket, duplex, cartridge and multi-plex are available and they come with the following standard features:

  • Low profile
  • Adjustable height legs
  • Vents
  • Drains
  • Gage Ports
  • Low pressure drops

The same also contain some optional features, such as:

  • ASME Code stamp
  • Dual stage filtering and straining
  • Heat jacketing
  • Differential pressure indicators and switches
  •  Liquid displacers to minimize product loss during basket or bag removal
  • Special alloy materials
  • Custom inlet & outlet locations
  • “Platinum Series” ultra high capacity cartridge system
  • Sanitary service
  • Sanitary fittings

Why Trust Industrial Dynamics as a leading Distributor of Rosedale Filter?

As a reputable and responsible distributor of rosedale filters, Industrial Dynamics is adept in providing the following high-quality, low-cost and performance-oriented liquid filtration units to clients:

Single basket Housing: This easy-to-clean unit can contain standard size filter bags. The product comes with certain available features. Moreover, it is also capable of including certain customized additives as per the requirements and purpose.

Multi basket Housing: This filtration system can accommodate 2 to 23 baskets and possesses excellent dirt holding capacity. It comes with features like sure-seal covers, low pressure drops, cartridge internals, heavy-duty baskets, adjustable-height legs and permanently piped housings.

In-Line Separators: Ideal for removing grit, sand, fines, metal chips and other solid particles from liquids, this electro-polished unit is made of carbon steel and stainless steel and has features like piped housings, low constant pressure drops and adhesion of dirt and scale.