Industrial Dynamics: A Renowned Provider of High-Quality Flow Rate Indicators

When it comes to availing industry-best flow rate indicators of various types and with diverse applicable benefits, Industrial Dynamics comes next to none. The company provides flow measurement devices to multiple industrial sectors for gas or liquid piping installation.

What are Flow Rate Indicators ? 

Flow Rate Indicator is an instrument which measures the linear, mass, volumetric and non linear flow-rate of either a liquid or a gas, from one source to another. There are different types of flow meters available in the market, depending upon their usage and applications. Certain factors should be considered before selecting the apt flow meter indicator for maximum output. These are:

  • The nature of the fluid (is it liquid or gas)
  • Scope of the requirement (whether you need rate measurement or total rate)
  • The thickness or viscosity of the liquid to be measured
  • The cleanliness of the fluid
  • The other factors include the maximum and minimum flow rate, process pressure, process temperature, chemical compatibility and size of the pipe.

What are the various types of Flow Rate Indicators?

Flow indicating devices are available with various applicable benefits, depending upon the industrial and commercial usage of the device. For example, aerospace industry uses precision-made flow rate indicators and controller to assure accuracy of indication. There are 3 broad categories of flow measurement devices, which can be further sub-divided. They are :

1)  Positive Displacement Flow Meter :

  • All Max Machinery Flow Meter

 2)  Mass Flow Meters :

  • Thermal Flow Meter
  • Coriolis Flow Meter

3)  Velocity Flow Meters 

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Turbine, Propeller, paddle Wheel or Pelton Wheel Flow Meter
  • Vortex Shedding and Sonar Flow Meter
  • Target and Vane Flow Meter
  • Variable Are and Rotameter Flow Meter
  • Orifice Plate, Open Channel, Flow Nozzle, Laminar, Venturi and pilot Tube Flow Meter

Industrial Dynamics provide flow rate indicator for each and every purpose. Starting from domestic use to industrial applications and commercial operations, we offer complete flow measurement solutions to meet our clients’ specific and customized requirements.