High Performance Industrial Flow Transmitters by Industrial Dynamics, Inc.

Industrial Dynamics, Inc. offers flow transmitter options for a wide range of flow measurement applications. Our liquid flow transmitters are available with custom batching or blending controller for industrial use.  UFM vortex shedding and burkert electromagnetic are types of transmitters that are available at a cost effective price.

Our Key Features in Flow Transmitter

We can specify a transmitter to provide mass, volumetric, or velocity information as required by a client or customer’s process requirements. One can easily display or record this type of information in a conventional remote display for a flow meter located in a nearby piping area. There can be situations where the information is not accessible to the operator, and hence, one can send information from these transmitters to a remote display, PLC, etc. One can even implement it for a standalone blending or batching operation, or for integration into a fully automated process logic control system.

So, if you have a brand new application and need a liquid flow transmitter, or have a flow meter with direct read registration and wish to upgrade it to a transmitting type monitor, get in touch with Industrial Dynamics, Inc, as we can offer a wide range of products to suit all your industrial needs.

In addition, we, at Industrial Dynamics also provide flow rate indicators for any type of gas or liquid piping installation. We have the means, the resources, and the technology to provide a flow measurement instrument from a wide range of technologies such as paddle wheel sensors, variable area flow rate meters, electromagnetic meters, positive displacement totalizing meters, and many more. Kindly visit us at http://www.industrialdynamics.com/  for more information.

For application assistance or to order any product, call us at: 800-940-0453.