Features of Rosedale Products

When it comes to industrial filtration systems, industries rely on Rosedale products for apt solutions. Liquid filtration systems provided by Rosedale are known for their high performance, flexibility in terms of product capabilities, and competitive prices. A wide range of industries rely on Rosedale products for their filtration needs including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and marine industries.

It is not surprising to find a number of rosedale products distributors out in the market. They provide Rosedale filtration systems in options of single and multi-basket housings, as well as in-line separators

Get the Best in Filtration Product Solutions with Rosedale Products

The varied features of Rosedale products meet the eclectic needs of various industries

  • These products are offered in carbon and stainless steel constructions.

  • Both single and multi-basket housings are available with standard filter bags as well as proprietary Rosedale 5.5 square foot size 12 bags.

  • Rosedale distributors can provide also multi-basket housings with numerous options ranging from 2 to 23 baskets.

  • All Rosedale products come with the option of the ASME stamp for clients who require certification.

  • Other options provide by Rosedale products include:

    • Differential pressure indicators and switches

    • Dual stage filtering and straining

    • Liquid displacers for minimal product loss

Industrial Dynamics, Inc. is a leading name among the numerous Rosedale products distributors. With over 30 years of experience in selling flow measurement equipment, the team at Industrial Dynamics, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to provide the right kind of product solutions that industries need. We provide industrial product solutions for batching, dosing, flow rates, totalizing, blending, and fuel and product custody transfer. As Rosedale products distributors, we offer products that support industrial environments such as ink printing, heavy machinery construction, and concrete and asphalt manufacturing.

You can be assured of getting the exact solution you need for your industry with Rosedale products.