Distributor of Authentic Rosedale Products – Industrial Dynamics

Since 25 years, Rosedale Products has been providing high-quality liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products to customers from all over the globe. Its products are known for their high-performance level, and hence are used by multifarious industries like pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food and beverage industries, marine, chemical industries and so on. The brand has made its positive impact in the field of innovative, low-cost and high-performance filtration systems.

Industrial Dynamics as a Reliable Rosedale Products Dealer :

Being one of the leading distributors of rosedale products in America, Industrial Dynamics offers authentic products from the brand in the form of a wide range of Rosedale Products like :

  • Liquid filtration systems
  • Switches
  • Flow measurement devices
  • Transmitters
  • Control valves

We provide Rosedale Products with advanced applications, such as:

  • Level control
  • Dispensing
  • Blending
  • Product Batching

Industrial Dynamics provides the following from Rosedale Products:
Rosedale Products

  1. Single Basket Filter Bags and Strainer Basket Housing: The single basket housing comes with standard filter bags and is constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic. This easy-to-clean product comes with advanced features like low pressure drops, piped housings, sure-seal covers, heavy-duty baskets and adjustable legs to manage product heights. The products also come with optional features such as: differential pressure indicators, dual stage straining/filtering and liquid displacers for minimum product loss.
  1. Multi Basket Housing: These can work as multi-basket strainers as well as bag filters. Containing 2 to 23 baskets, the product flaunts a wide range of flow capacity and contaminant-holding competency. While serving as a strainer, the unit is ordered with perforated stainless steel baskets. The same unit can also serve as a filter if ordered with baskets fit to hold disposable or cleanable filter bags. The product comes with advanced features and optional additives.
  1. In-Line Separators: This is a centrifugal action separator that filters out sand, grit, fines and other solid impurities from liquids. It serves the role of a perfect pre-filter in order to enhance the durability of fine filtration systems. With housings made of carbon steel or stainless steel, these low or no-maintenance units require just a simple purging and eliminating downtime for cleaning and backwashing purposes. It comes with low constant pressure drops and piped housings.

When it comes to availing products from Rosedale Inc., trust Industrial Dynamics for its long years of experience and in-depth expertise in delivering best-quality products within stipulated time.