Contribution of Burkert Valves in Flow Measurement Applications

Being one of the world’s leading companies dealing with flow measurement and control technology, Burkert has gained quite a few loyal and efficient distributorship for its high-quality and performance-oriented valves. Burkert valves are known world-wide for their wide range of flow measurement and control applications, which has made the product one of the most crucial names in the market. Let us know a bit more about the brand, its product and their contribution to the relevant field.

Burkert: The Brand

When it comes to flow measurement and control technology, the brand Burkert comes to the forefront. The brand offers a wide gamut of efficient and high-class products such as burkert solenoid valves, sensors, process and control valves, control devices, media for micro-fluid and pneumatic valves known for their performance, accuracy, perfect automation and flawless operation. The brand has established itself as a world leader in the flow measurement and control mechanics by offering a wide range of products that are not only used for simple on-off applications but are also utilized for full communication and process control applications. Burkert valves are known for effectively utilizing specific pneumatic and fieldbus technology.

What are the Various Ways Burkert Valves are Used?

Be it breweries or medical engineering, space technology or laboratory activities; Burkert valves and other products are of immense importance for a variety of applications. The brand’s products are utilized in several industrial sectors, of which the following are the most common:

  • Breweries
  • Space Technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Laboratory Activities
  • Life Science Experiments
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fuel and petroleum measurement
  • Water monitoring
  • Waste water treatment
  • Marine Industry
  • Mining Industry

Various Types of Burkert Valves and their Usages

The following Burkert valves and products are used whenever the need to measure, control and regulate the flow of fluids or gases has arrived:

  • Two way and multi-port solenoid valves are utilized for general purpose, aggressive chemicals, steam, contaminated fluids and high pressure.
  • Powered with Fieldbus communication, pneumatic valve manifolds and complete valve can be efficiently din rail mounted to suit any custom circuitry.
  • Pneumatically actuated angle pattern, diaphragm valves and globe type are used as on-off valves. These are also with positioners for full continuous control with unrivaled controlling features.
  • The “Element” series of Burkert valve controllers offer interchangeability and ease of commissioning that is unparalleled in the industry at a very competitive price.
  • In conjunction with their “Element” series of level sensors, flow sensors and conductivity/PH/ORP sensors, Burkert valves provide a single source of solution for complete system requirements.

As a reputed and responsible stocking distributor and manufacturers’ representative, Industrial Dynamics has shown expertise and efficiency in offering a wide range of Burkert valves for a variety of flow measurement applications. Besides, the company also provides flow measurement products, transmitters, level switches, actuated, solenoid type and control type valves, cartridges, liquid filtration housings and replacement filter bags, amongst other services.