Choose Burkert Valves for Cutting Edge Solutions in Fluid Control Applications

Burkert valves are well-known for providing technical and economical solutions for fluid control applications. Bürkert has continually maintained its leadership position and the credit goes to its efforts in research and development. This has allowed the company to provide cutting edge products and solutions including fluid control units and integrated process measurement. Bürkert valves are designed to support simple and intricate applications utilizing pneumatic and fieldbus technology.

Burkert Manifold Valves

A variety of valve products are provided by Bürkert valve distributors, including:

  • Manifold Valves
  • Hazex Valves
  • 124 Series
  • 142 Series
  • 255 Series
  • 5404 Series
  • 5282 Series
  • 6011 Series

Burkert offers two-way and multiport solenoid valves, which are designed for applications comprising steam, chemicals, and contaminated fluids. Pneumatic valve manifolds and islands can be din rail mounted to meet custom designed circuitry. The Bürkert “Element” valve series can be used along with flow sensors and conductivity/PH/ORP sensors for complete system requirements. The wide range of burkert valve products gives customers the freedom of choice in terms of product design, component materials, pressure ranges, and actuated angle patterns for specific industrial applications.

The company only relies on authorized distributors to ensure the genuineness of its products. In America, Bürkert depends on Industrial Dynamics, Inc. as its exemplary Bürkert valves distributor. Industrial Dynamics provides a variety of plug and play, pre-assembled, and tested manifold solutions to meet the needs of industrial clients.

As a leading Bürkert valves distributor, Industrial Dynamics has an enormous inventory comprising:

  • 5470 Valves
  • 5470 Manifold
  • 6014 Series
  • 8640 Manifold

Each product type is designed to provide exacting solutions for complex fluid control problems. Industrial Dynamics provides outstanding application assistance services for flow measurement, valves and sensors, as well as filtration. We can also provide assistance for dosing control, blending systems, and custody transfer.

Expect the best of excellent German engineered products and first rate distribution services from Industrial Dynamics, Inc.