Brief Introduction of Neptune New Mass Flow Transmitter

Neptune new mass flow transmitter is a unit that measures the quantity of liquid passing through. It is of a great advantage when used in a Modbus environment. It is fixed directly on top of a transducer, and serves as a cost-efficient control system for mass flow transducers.

Neptune new mass flow transmitter is useful when a more advanced system cannot be used to its full potential. These units are generally used when many meters need to be monitored by a central processor like a Modbus protocol.
Neptune New Mass Flow Transmitter

The Advantages of Using a Mass Flow Transmitter:

  1. It is budget friendly. There is minimum purchase and set-up costs.
  2. This transducer is able to accurately calculate the volumetric flow rate and volumetric total.
  3. Accurate measurement of liquid dispensed assists in keeping a track of every ounce of water used. Neptune new mass flow transmitters are reliable and precise.
  4. Neptune new mass flow transmitter is user-friendly.
  5. There is minimal set-up cost as it fits easily on top of a transducer.
  6. It can be easily monitored using external applications.

NexGen SFT200 mass flow transmitter is an accurate and budget-friendly product. It is capable of performing at speeds of up to 56.6 K baud. It can operate at a wide range of temperatures like 0°F to 131°F. It is compatible with all the Neptune mass transducer models. It can easily be affixed on top of the transducer to provide a precise measurement of the liquid flow.

Neptune new mass flow transmitters can be used to measure water, oil, and other liquids. The mass flow transmitters reduce the overall cost of a metering system. Their noiseless, reliable application is a boon, especially in a Modbus environment.