Avail Positive Displacement Flow Meter from Industrial Dynamics for Volumetric Flow Measurement

Positive Displacement Flow Meter is a volumetric flow measurement instrument widely employed for measuring total volume of fluid. These meters are best suited for ‘stand alone’ batching applications and can be used in aggressive and hazardous industrial environments. With 30 years of application assistance, Industrial Dynamics Co has become a highly trusted source in the industry offering a broad range of flow measurement meters. For the past 30 years, we been providing a wide variety of superior quality flow measuring meters like Neptune Itron, Neptune TG Water, Total Control Systems, Tuthill FPP Oval Gear, Istec / Aqua Metro for various industrial applications.

Why Industrial Dynamics for Positive Displacement Flow Meters?

Industrial Dynamics Co serves you better by offering application engineering assistance and service after the sale. That is precisely why we have earned the trust of many repeat customers in a wide range of industries over the years.

Some of Our Advantages Include:

  • We provide NIST calibration service and documentation for flow meters installed in a wide range of applications in many industries
  • Industrial Positive displacement flow meter can be equipped with mechanical or electronic registration to best suit customer needs
  • We offer a mechanical batching meter with an optional explosion proof pump interlock switch
  • We keep huge inventories readily available for shipping for various remote display or batching applications
  • We are the leading distributor of flow meters that are fabricated using materials of construction to best suit the application requirement, and which are available in a wide range of sizes
  • We are a master distributor for Neptune nutating disc and piston type flow meters, and Kessler Ellis batching controllers

We are always at your service whenever you require efficient repair and refurbishment service for positive displacement flow meters. We have a team of proficient customer care personnel who will guide you in selecting the most appropriate flow meters for your liquid measurement applications.  Visit us at www.industrialdynamics.com to learn more about our products.