What are the Applications of a Flow Transmitter

Numerous industrial applications include use of liquids and thus, they need a flow transmitter that will accurately measure the flow of fluid in a system. Nowadays, various technological advancements have been added to the design of this device to make it efficient and user-friendly.

Flow transmitters can be used for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. Right from measuring the amount of liquid present in pipes to monitoring the displacement of fluids in a system, flow transmitters are useful in a wide variety of applications. Based on your specific requirements, you can get transmitters that suit the specifications pertaining to mass, volume, or velocity in an instrument or system.

General Applications of a Flow Transmitter:

Liquid flow transmitters applications are mention below :

  • They can be used for monitoring flow rate in batch preparation applications
  • They are useful in measuring the precise rate of water usage in a domestic application
  • They are helpful in calculating the water consumption of a particular residential or commercial area/ complex
  • They are useful for various industrial applications to give precise ratings of flow of liquids, their consumption level, speed of liquid displacement, etc.
  • Flow transmitters can be used effectively in a system that utilizes different types of liquids at the same time
  • They are useful in the calculation of amount of liquid present in pipes
  • They can be helpful in maintaining the pressure in a system by regulating the amount of liquid or by altering its velocity
  • They can check the fluid direction in any application

flow transmitter

Different Industries Served by Flow Transmitters:

Flow transmitters are used in various applications across different industries, such as:

  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • Sewage Management Sector
  • Water Supply and Management
  • Food and Beverage
  • Fire Rescue Operations Industry
  • Fuel and Oil Supply Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paint Manufacturing Industry
  • Agricultural Sector

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