All About Burkert Valves: Overview, Usage and Application

Burkert valves can be considered to be the leading player in the field of fluid control system. The company is based out of Germany and has a global presence owing to its stature and market competency. Burket valves are widely used in different industrial sectors where fluid media needs to get measured, controlled and regulated. The company takes pride in providing world-class fluid management and control solutions to multiple industries where the flow and the direction of the liquid or the gaseous matter requires proper and efficient regulation for smooth operation of the entire system.

What are Burkert Valves and How Do They Work?

Valves are devices that direct, control or regulate the flow of fluids, which may appear in varied forms like liquids, gases, slurries or fluidized solids. These valves are operational in opening, closing or partially obstructing the passageways through which the fluids flow from one source to another. These valves, which are available as fittings in the market come in different shapes, sizes and patterns, depending upon their applications and frequency or medium of usage. The following are the different ways valves can be used:

  • Domestic and residential usage
  • Farming and Irrigation
  • Laundry Services
  • Aerosols
  • Military Operations
  • Transport Sector
  • Mining and Refineries
  • Oil, gas and petroleum industry
  • Water and sewage processing, power generation
  • Food manufacturing
  • Chemical and plastic manufacturing

Rely on Industrial Dynamics to Avail Burkert Valves with Multiple Applications

Industrial Dynamics is an authorized distributor of burkert valves, which are available in a wide gamut of sizes, shapes and types. Burkert valves are known for their high level of efficiency, durability and performance-driven functionality ranging from simple on-off application to controlling the entire fluid flow process and communication applications. These valves operate on specific pneumatic and fieldbus technology. Industrial Dynamics provide unparalleled varieties of Burkert Valves for varied industrial operations. We, at Industrial Dynamics provide the following Burkert Valves to our clients:

  • Burkert Manifold Valves
  • HazEx Valves
  • 255 Series Direct Acting Plunger Solenoid Valve
  • 5404 Series Pilot Controlled Solenoid Valve
  • 406 & 407 Series 2/2-way Solenoid Valves
  • 124 Series Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
  • 142 Series 2/2-way Solenoid Valve for Aggressive Media
  • 6124 Series Flipper Solenoid Valve
  • 330 Series 3/2-way Solenoid Valve
  • 5281 Series General Purpose Shut-Off Valve
  • 6011 Series Miniature Solenoid Valve
  • 6013 Series Encapsulation Valves

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