Advantages and Applications of Electromagnetic Liquid Flow Meter

Liquid flow meters are essential in measuring the displacement or bulk movement of liquids in an application. There are various types of flow quantification devices available, and one such type is electromagnetic flow meter. It is considered to be the third most popular type of meter behind differential pressure and positive displacement flow meters.

Commonly known as mag meter or electromags, these flow meters have various advantages that make them quite popular in various industrial as well as commercial applications. Let us have a look at some of their distinctive advantages.

Electromagnetic Liquid Flow Meters

Advantages of Electromagnetic Liquid Flow Meters:

Highly effective in handling liquid of various types and concentrations, electromags have following distinguishing advantages:

  • These flow meters can effectively measure displacement of liquids even in corrosive conditions. Thus, they are useful in the quantification of corrosive materials such as slurries and abrasives;
  • Accuracy rate of electromagnetic flow meters is very high;
  • They can be effectively used in the measurement of liquid flow rate for combustibles or explosives;
  • The power usage requirement of mag meters is comparatively very low, making them energy efficient;
  • They can be used for measuring the flow rate of almost any water based compound as well as most types of acids and bases;
  • Electromagnetic liquid flow meters can proficiently measure flow of liquids in multiple directions (upstream as well as downstream);
  • They are capable of measuring liquids that have both low as well as high flow rates in terms of their volume.

Applications of Electromags:

All the aforementioned advantages have made electromags highly useful in different applications, such as:

  • They are useful in quantification of potable water
  • They can be used at construction sites of the flow measurement of slurries
  • They are useful at petroleum plants to measure the flow rate of combustible fuels
  • They are useful in measuring displacement of explosive liquids, paints, and abrasives

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