7 Tips to Use Turbine Flowmeters Safely and Efficiently for a Long Period


Turbine flow meter is an innovative device designed for precision measuring velocity of hydrocarbons, liquids, water, cryogenic chemicals, and industrial gases, among others. The instrument provides exceptionally accurate and reliable outputs when installed in crude oil pipelines, petroleum storage terminals, and tank farms.

In order to get the best out of these units for a long period, turbine flow meters must be operated keeping some points in mind. Here, certain tips are listed that help operate the unit efficiently and safely.

Things to Remember When Working with Turbine Flow meters

When working with turbine flow meters, remember the following:

  • There are chances of wearing out the unit’s bearing when it is used for applications that include non-lubricating fluids. Hence, it is advisable to choose flowmeters with grease fittings when used with non-lubricating fluids.
  • Use customized flowmeters for applications in higher temperatures. Standard flowmeters may fail when they are operated over a temperature range that they are not intended for.
  • Ensure to operate turbine flowmeters at medium or maximum flow rates, as they are found to be less accurate at low flow rates.
  • Preferably, do not use the unit in high velocity ranges, as it may lead to corrode the unit’s bearings, damaging the entire system.
  • One of the most crucial parts in the device that is more susceptible to damage is bearing. Hence, a routine check has to be performed to evaluate the bearing’s condition. Render adequate servicing on a timely basis, or consider replacing the bearing immediately in case of severe damage.
  • Do not use the unit for applications in dirty fluids. This may lead to premature bearing deterioration, and in turn, damage the equipment as a whole.
  • Avoid sudden changeovers from gas flow to liquid flow in case the application demanding measuring two media. This abrupt transition among two media stresses the flow meters, leading to unexpected failures.

Adding to the aforementioned points, turbine flowmeters must be maintained well and serviced on a timely basis to keep their performance consistent through their service period. Since the unit comes with moving parts that are prone to damage, it is essential that it must be properly inspected, maintained, and serviced accordingly.

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