4 Major Types of Burkert Valves


The name ‘Burkert’ is synonymous with quality products and brilliant performance. Burkert valves are widely used across several industries. These valves provide superior performance when controlling the direction and volume of liquids and gases.

Major Types of Burkert Valves
A variety of products are available with Burkert. They are divided into the following categories:

  1. Manifold Valves
    A number of valves are placed on a manifold to create these assemblies. These assemblies are compact in nature. The different models are specifically designed to process fluids and compressed air.
    Popular Burkert Manifold Models: 5470, 6014 and 8640 Series Assemblies
  2. Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid valves make use of a solenoid and electric current, when operating. These valves consume less power and are extremely efficient. These versatile valves can be used in extreme temperatures to monitor fluids and gases. They can also be used under varying pressure situations. They don’t corrode easily in harsh environments. Miniature solenoid valves are also available for specific purposes.
    Popular Burkert Manifold Models: 5404 Series, 406 & 407 Series, 124 Series, 142 Series, 6124 Series, 330 Series, 6011 series
  3. Shut-Off Valve
    These spectacular valves control liquid and gases with the help of servo motors. Generally used to control the flow of liquids and gases, these valves provide the assurance of firmly shutting off the flow of liquid. Hence, when used to manage combustible liquids like fuel, they can be relied upon to stop or hold the flow of the liquid.
    Popular Burkert Manifold Model: 5281 Series
  4. Encapsulation Valves
    These valves are encapsulated in protective casing to shelter the delicate parts from harmful chemicals, liquids and gases. These valves can be used individually or as part of a manifold assembly.
    Popular Burkert Manifold Models: 6013 Series

Industrial Dynamics’ Offerings
Industrial Dynamics is a trusted supplier of Burkert valves. They utilize 30 years of experience to understand specific needs of clients, and provide products and solutions that are seamlessly compatible with the application. To know more call 800-940-0453, or email at info@industrialdynamics.com.

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